District Health and Leisure


Here you will find our High Performance Gym. Located in our 4G Astros Arena and equipped with some of the best functional training equipment this District will not disappoint.

Kettle Bells Functional Fitness
  • 2 Hexbar sets incl. 1 safety
  • Special Use Barbells from 15-20kg

  • Dumbbells range from 5-60kg

  • Plyometric Boxes

  • Multiple Use Adjustable Benches

  • 5 Squat Racks

  • 6 Punch Bags

  • 5 Heavy Duty Custom Built Squat Racks with full Olympic Plates. Barbell and Hexbar sets for each

Battle Ropes Functional Fitness
  • 5x Heavy Duty Special Use Barbells 15-20kg
  • Sets Dumbells 2.5kg – 20kg

  • Adjustable Benches

  • Plyometric Boxes

  • Ski-Ergs (Concept) x4

  • Rowers (Concept) x4

  • Assault Bikes x2

  • Assault Runners x2

  • Battle Ropes x2

Exigo 8 Jungle Gym with High Low Pulleys and Pull Up Bar
  • Prowler x1
  • Kettlebells 4kg – 40kg
  • Pump Barbells x21
  • Medicine Balls
  • My-Zone Area
  • Suspension Strap
  • Skipping Ropes
  • Resistance Bands

Exigo 8 Station Jungle Gym

The Exigo 8 Station Jungle Gym is a great multi-functional and space saving solution that is made up of four High Low Pulleys, two of which form a Cable Crossover with an integrated Chinning Bar, two Low Rows, and two Lateral Pulldowns. 5kg incremental weights allow precise resistance increases and numerous load options. This machine is made with 100x50x3mm Flat Sided Oval and is fully commercial with a lifetime warranty on the main frame.


  • Four Adjustable High Low Pulleys
  • Two Lateral Pulldowns
  • Two Lateral Low Rows
  • Integrated Chinning Bar
  • 5kg incremental weights are indicated in kg/lbs
  • Magnetic weight pin selector
  • 38mm ribbed rubber handles with aluminium ends
  • Instructional placard with targeted muscles
  • High impact feet
  • Hidden floor fixing points
  • Main frame lifetime warranty
  • Polyester powder coated finish

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